Back to the Normal Routine

Yeah I know, it has certainly been a while since I wrote on this blog but truth is I have been extremely busy. Trying to finish up this semester, at work trying to beast at my job, and doing other important things. I have missed writing on my blog a bunch. But that was a nice break off from blogging. Continue Reading »

OMG! Clannad Memories, The Weekend, and New Computer Parts!!!

I am so glad that I got the chance to spend this weekend by myself and not working (answering questions for people on the phone). It feels refreshing to do this. I think that I want to switch my schedule to a M-F 8 am to 4 pm slot when I get the chance. Continue Reading »

Writing this blog from my newly-acquired Laptop!!!

Another day down. I am now getting closer and closer to becoming a full fledged Tier 2 Agent! I am writing this blog entry from the “comfort” of my newly-acquired laptop that I just installed a copy of Fedora 16 on! It is a Lenovo 3000 N200 (Intel® Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz × 2) with about a GB of memory. Yeah! The memory sucks atm but I am looking into improving this baby’s performance. Hopefully I can get it to run some pretty freakin’ badass games. I am also testing the battery life on this bad boy just to see if it is good enough to take places. The only downside of this computer is I don’t think it supports two-finger scrolling (or horizontal scrolling) but I will make it work. 😛 Continue Reading »

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This Ugly Yet Beautiful Existence, Anime, and Cake!!!

So guys there is something on my heart tonight. Something that just can’t escape me. Something that seems to move me. I really have been thinking about how fragile of an existence we are in this world. What kind of a world d0 we live in where so many bad things happen? Face it. This world is such an Ugly Yet Beautiful World that we live and breath in.

Why do I come out and say these kinds of things on the blog? Because I am just a believer of certain things? Because I care? Because I love the world as much as it should be love? Why do I feel this way? Continue Reading »

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The Day When Someone Wants Money From You

You know how some people are just hanging outside of gas station stores asking for some sort of handout? Oh…you do? Good then you know where I am going with this. 🙂 I just don’t know. Whenever I get faced with a stranger, whom I do not know from Adam, and they try to pull some lame (maybe true) ass story out on me just to haggle me into using my debit card to get them some cash without just first asking if I had any spare change then that is just one that will not fly with me. Seriously, I do not need your sob story to allow my heart to be open to giving you my hard-earned cash. I know I might be sounding acrimonious right now but people need to learn that it doesn’t take a sob story to make someone give. Continue Reading »

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My day as it normally is

I’m just going to go on the blog to say that today was a stimulating day for me. I got up, did my normal routine, then went to go watch so mindless television (yes I do happen to own one), and fiddle around with my 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube just to see if I could get it down any faster. Good news about tomorrow (sunday) I am off tomorrow since I have Tier 2 Training this next week starting Monday. Yay! So I will be doing what I normally do on days where I don’t do anything.

Today also consists of watching anime, playing some Maple, and then going to work. Eh…work. But yay it’s money! I’m so blessed to be in a job where I get paid a salary! Well…hourly paycheck but whatever.

Now time to go do other stuffs. Yeah I know that this is not much of a blog, but I am just writing to keep this blog alive!

And off to see the bright beautiful yellow sun! What am I on? Nothing! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and if you do don’t name after me.


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Organization is my Friend!

Today there was a lot of organization going on with my website (blog). I decided to work on the Animes page (section) by adding the animes I have watched, I am currently watching, and I will need to watch along with respective pages to them to allow me to customize each page with all kinds of things. Continue Reading »

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The day of decisions, work, and installing stuff

Today started out like any normal Monday, getting up at about around 11:00 am, doing my normal routine, then going off to class (College Algebra) at 12:00 pm. After that class, I went to the Library (gasp…you go to the library?) to study some College Algebra (to which I got my homework due today done! A material), next up I went to go chill and unwind at the gym. Today’s workout was Back, Biceps, and Legs (ugh…) but it felt good. Continue Reading »

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How to install Google Chrome on Fedora 16 in 5 Easy Steps

We all love Google Chrome so much that we want it on every single operating system that we have. With the new Fedora 16 just being released, it (being Google Chrome) is now available to be used as a web browser. I know that this is blowing up all over the place but I would just like to point out some tricks that helped me to install Google Chrome on my Fedora 16 LinuxBook. To learn how to do this correctly Continue Reading »

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Livin’ from Paycheck to Paycheck

I spent my life lookin’ for a discount. Now I thank God for the handout

I was listenin’ to the song by Family Force 5 (Paycheck) and just thinking that I am blessed where I am right now. I have an almost $11 an hour job, going to school, about to go off to a nice university, and I don’t have to live from paycheck to paycheck. Continue Reading »